To your bookings for the end of the year

Réservations fin d'année Pergola

To your bookings for the end of the year

"After effort comes comfort." The wise saying is already well known, but it takes on even more meaning in 2020, a year unlike any other, which everyone will no doubt remember as having been wearisome and rich in upheavals. And many of you will certainly stay in New Caledonia in the months to come. So do not wait any longer to organise your year-end agenda today, if you want to be sure to get your bookings at the Hôtel du Centre restaurants

Your gourmet menus at the end of the year

The end of the year celebrations usually brings you together with your teams, employees, customers, partners, to reward each other, to congratulate each other, to be grateful, to maintain professional cohesion, and reassess the past year…?

Do it at La Pergola or Les Jardins of the Hôtel du Centre, in an elegant and pleasant setting. Already being planned, our gourmet dishes will be especially on the menu until next January.

The formulas "dish, dessert" or "starter, dish, dessert" will be offered, with meat or fish of your choice and always a delicious sugary sweetness

Discover, for instance:

  • the tuna tataki with foie gras, pineapple rosemary sorbet, peppered yuzu mix
  • the larded veal tenderloin, squash puree, roasted mushroom topping, cognac coffee sauce
  • the duck breast, black currant duck juice, roasted mushrooms topping, crispy polenta, candied shallots
  • the roasted salmon steak, aniseed shrimp emulsion, mashed small peas, chorizo virgin
  • the candied watermelon, strawberry sorbet, basil strawberry coulis, lemon crumble
  • the chocolate fondant, Lifou vanilla pear, hazelnut chocolate ganache
  • the chocolate iced dome, mint gel, cocoa crumble

The friendliness of private cocktails

If you prefer to meet as a large group, think about the option of a private cocktail. This one is available all year round at the Hôtel du Centre but even more so when the end of the year celebrations is getting nearer.

Choose your date and your restaurant, tell us how many guests are expected, and our teams will handle the logistics for an event tailored to your taste.

An exceptional dinner on 31 December

Last year, in 2019, the tendency was set. This was a great first for La Pergola and the success was at the height of the preparations. This is how your rooftop restaurant decided, again this year, to offer you its exceptional dinner on New Year’s Eve.

Calm and intimate atmosphere of the program, tasty and refined dishes on the menu, all in a chic and distinguished decor, not to mention the charming team of Pergroupies which will naturally be well groomed for the event to welcome you…

Would you like to hear the good news to end the year well? December 31, 2020 will be a Thursday! So, the next day is the weekend, and yes, it will last 3 days....

And always the clever gift voucher

Also, think about the gift voucher to use all year round at the Hôtel du Centre, in accommodation or at the restaurant. Give it to those around you to say thank you, to please or simply because you want to spoil someone for the end of year celebrations.

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