Rent your temporary office at the Hôtel du Centre

Rent your temporary office at the Hôtel du Centre

Did you know? The Business Center of the Hôtel du Centre also offers the possibility to rent your executive office monthly and without commitment. Are you an entrepreneur at the start off stage of your business? Then this innovative solution is particularly recommended for you to establish temporarily your business in complete flexibility. Our clients are testifying.

Why go for a temporary letting?

The launch of a new professional activity, whatever the purpose, will necessarily require you to devote a maximum of time and energy to it, in addition to all the administrative red tape required for any business establishment.

In addition to the feasibility study of your project, the sourcing of your future customers and the setting up of your starting organisation, you will certainly have to anticipate the stage of search of a site.

However, this latter aspect often remains a real problem, a source of questions? Is the fact to be on premises an indispensable prerequisite, where to settle lastingly? Should a lease or a purchase be preferred, what would be the impact of the additional investments to be included in the business plan?

If several support structures already exist today, such as incubators, start up incubators or simply co-working spaces, the temporary rental of an office does not pursue the same objectives.

This option meets the needs of developing businesses and the requirements of professionals looking for a first temporary and scalable solution, while allowing you to maintain total working autonomy.

An all comfort / all inclusive rental

Choosing your temporary office at the Hôtel du Centre means putting flexibility at the service of your business and benefiting from a strategic location, at the heart of the economic lung of Noumea and as close as possible to many other businesses. Offer yourself the benefits of an optimal work environment, without the constraints and costs of a long-term commitment.

Through our "all comfort / all inclusive" formula, the offices for rent that we offer are perfectly equipped: office furniture and meeting table, air conditioning, printer-scanner, secure wireless broadband. And all the useful services are offered: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, free secured parking, possibility of receiving visitors, weekly cleaning.

Give yourself the serenity to be able to fully prioritise the development of your business and do not wait to make a good impression!

For more information, contact our Customer and Development Manager at (+687) 754 140.

They chose this option for their business

As a turnkey builder of Australian houses, KIT HOME CONSTRUCTION offers its customers fully customisable living spaces through kits imported from Australia and an on-site building in partnership with local businesses.

The Manager, Steeves Larreur-Cayol, explains that he needed an office with enough space to accommodate customers and parking facilities. The premises on the outskirts of Noumea offered too large volumes while those in the city centre involved difficult parking.

It was the word-of-mouth that directed him to the Business Center, as the contact was quick, simple and effective.

For many obvious reasons, Steeves recommends without hesitation the temporary rental of offices at the Hôtel du Centre: immediate availability, provision of furniture and an Internet connection limiting the initial investment, always accessible parking spaces, hotel front desk, follow-up and maintenance provided by the technical service of the establishment, ideal setting for the organisation of professional meetings.

MAPAYE NC is a trade name that provides administrative, social and tax management services on behalf of its clients.

The Manager, Dayana Fichter, told us that she had contacted the Hôtel du Centre after having read a Facebook advertisement, the establishment having been very professional and available when necessary.

According to her, the undeniable advantages of this type of temporary office leasing are profuse, including: no additional costs such as a deposit in advance, rental fees, real estate agency fees, and provision of a complete and quality service, in addition to ideal geographical location.

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