Welcome to 2021 for a happy new business year!

Welcome to 2021 for a happy new business year!

Each New Year has its share of surprises, developments, highlights and of course… challenges. And the least we can say is that even in 2020, the Hôtel du Centre has proven its willpower to be more than just a hotel, without ever slackening its efforts. Short retrospective of the last twelve months.


While wishing you all the best, the Hôtel du Centre was keen to announce that in 2020, it would be 20/20, thanks to a strong united great team, but also, and especially, thanks to each one of you, faithful guests and customers, without whom nothing would be possible.


Valentine’s Day weekend offered you the peacefulness of sharing a lovers’ day "à la carte", by booking your candlelight dinner at La Pergola, while possibly staying the night at the hotel, and why not in the Red Room…!


Your establishment like no others, confirmed its endless desire to innovate by launching "Followed Review", its brand-new review service directly accessible from the hotel’s website. A comment, a suggestion, an advice to propose? Do it here in just a few minutes.


Ordered during March by the local government for health reasons as part of the pandemic of Covid-19, the requisition of the Hôtel du Centre allowed to accommodate and place in quarantine people arriving in New Caledonia in April.


Anticipating the imminent lifting of some of the health restrictions then in place in the Territory, the Hôtel du Centre had already prepared for its upcoming reopening, which led it to be quickly operational for the continuation of each of its activities: accommodation, catering, Business Center.


In close partnership with the New Caledonian Company IKIGAI, the Hôtel du Centre was dedicated to its compliance with European standards stemming from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order to better secure the whole of the personal data of its customers, suppliers and employees.


As far as the Les Jardins restaurant is concerned, the month of July saw the birth of a "little new" on the Tuesday noon menu. It was the Chef’s succulent burger, which you can enjoy with our formula: meat, fish or vegetarian version, French fries and drink.


The following month, it was the turn of the La Pergola restaurant to continue to treat you with the specialties of Chef Gérard: featuring the authentic cassoulet of Toulouse served with sheep and lamb meat, as well as the Chef’s extras that are no longer only available for Thursday’s Steak Night.


Completed in September, the annual communication campaign of the establishment was focused, in 2020, on the business division of the Hôtel du Centre as a true business partner. Service, responsiveness, listening, availability remain the keywords to always better meet the expectations of a professional clientele.


More than just a team, the large family of the Hôtel du Centre thoroughly enjoyed in October, a well-deserved cohesion evening. With style and a smile on their faces, everyone gathered at the Le Tan restaurant for a VIP dinner with privatised room and casino gaming tables


Having inaugurated its new car park located in front of the establishment, the Hôtel du Centre is pleased to now add thirty additional parking spaces to those already available on the ground floor of the hotel, to offer more comfort to all its guests.


Busy schedule for the Hôtel du Centre in December through arrangements for the end of the year under the spotlights! The front desk will have been completely redecorated in the colours of Christmas for a few weeks, La Pergola will have intensified its creativity for the embellishment of its exceptional menu to taste on New Year’s Eve, without forgetting of course the best wishes that the establishment team warmly addresses you for 2021: health, happiness, success, business, loyalty, trust…

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