The Steak Night of the Hôtel du Centre

Steak Night Hôtel du Centre

The Steak Night of the Hôtel du Centre

Our Steak Night of Anglo-Saxon spirit is inspired directly from the evenings proposed in many American, Australian and New Zealander catering businesses. The rule is simple: a tasty meat with side dish and a sauce of your choice… all in a luscious setting at a very little price.

Your Thursday rendez-vous

Beef rib

What would your taste buds say about a delicious beef rib to enjoy on the rooftop of the hotel, if you were offered a discount of more than 25% from the usual price? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to welcome you on Thursday evening on the top floor of the Hôtel du Centre: our team at the La Pergola restaurant opens the doors for the Steak Night in a countryside atmosphere.

A cowboy outfit is not required, but a pre-booking is strongly advised!

Launched in March 2017 without ever emptying, the Steak Night concept wanted to delight meat fans, whether they are greedy or gourmet enthusiasts. Celebrating its two years, the event takes place every week, all year round.

Take your turn, come and take a seat to be pampered by our waitresses, while appreciating a quality product, carefully selected.

But, do not be worried, if you change your mind when you arrive: the entire menu of the restaurant is also available, with all its hors d’œuvre, salads and fishes.

Waitresses team Steak Night HDC

The Steak Night offer

Our Steak Night offer entices you to enjoy a 500 grams Beef rib, just for you, at XPF 2,750 instead of XPF 3,850 outside of the scheduled event. Seared on the grill in a minute, your piece of meat will be served with garnish of your choice.

Would you rather like nutty flavoured rice and grilled almonds, seared green beans or, just simply, French fries? The latter is having a great success made from sweet potatoes!

Finest appetites can still be tempted by one of our marrow bone or pan-fried foie gras extras…

The Chef’s word

A classic Steak Night is:

  • Weight of meat? 25 kg of beef
  • Quantity of French fries? 12 kg of matchstick potatoes
  • In-demand sauces? The Roquefort and the Black pepper
  • Most ordered extras? Marrow bone
  • Customers questioned ready to recommend Steak Night? 100%

Pamper yourself

Our patrons, as well as our newcomers, are unanimous. Arriving from the four corners of New Caledonia, from Thio to Mont-Dore, through Tontouta, Païta or Dumbéa, they meet at Steak Night for the unique mood, the very pleasant team and the longing to relax. They confess above all not to resist the pleasure of eating well… and for the price, of course! They are certainly enchanted when they are leaving, with already the concern to reserve their table for the next time!

If you too are curious to discover La Pergola in an unprecedented ambience, do not wait any longer. In case of “super craving”, you can even ask to be served a second rib of beef… as do some of our devoted customers from the New Caledonian bush! Incredible but true.

And if you are visiting us on a business trip, why not combine the practical to the pleasure while thinking about planning your stay on a Thursday night?

Steak Night Thursday evening Hôtel du Centre

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