The other face of La Pergola in the early morning

Restaurant Pergola le matin

The other face of La Pergola in the early morning

Want an outdoor breakfast? Looking for an original place and a different choice of the classic continental buffets? Then your next morning spot will be La Pergola which, of course, is not reserved only for customers of the Hôtel du Centre. Come and settle down on the roof terrace and discover the sweet face of the restaurant at sunrise... to start the day well!

Relaxation and refinement

Perhaps you have already made a pit stop at La Pergola for lunch or are you a regular guest for a Steak Night or an evening Mussels and Chips?

But do you also know the places in the first light of day? The spot is ideal to break with the habits of going around Noumea’s bays, in an atypical atmosphere. The one of a real hotel restaurant, located on a rooftop, with the sound of a lounge music: well-ventilated setting, unobstructed view and chic ambience.

Détente et raffinement
Pergola restaurant in the morning 01

Among the regulars of the breakfast, there are naturally, customers staying at the hotel, there are families and groups of friends who like to take their time on weekends. But on a daily basis, there are also and above all the many professionals from the surrounding business centre who appreciate having only a few floors to go down to their place of work!

Meet Stéphanie when you arrive, our second muse of the year. Her graceful and pleasant smile can only welcome you by putting you in an excellent mood for the rest of the day.

A menu with a thousand flavours

On the menu, it is you who choose; there is something for everyone!

If you have a good appetite, let yourself be tempted by the continental formula: fruit juice, hot drink, dairy, pastries...

If you have a very good appetite, decide on for the brunch formula*: an even more complete version of your breakfast, in sweet or savoury version, with fresh fruit salad and homemade French toast or grilled pork ribs and assorted cheeses.

If you are not in a hurry, feel free to hang around a little. Read the newspaper, order another coffee, stay and chat, take your time...

* Consult the updated breakfast formulas by clicking here.

Pergola restaurant in the morning 02
Pergola restaurant in the morning 03

Some other regular guests

Une carte aux mille saveurs

Do not be surprised if you also happen to come across, in La Pergola, some teams from the Hôtel du Centre. Early in the morning, it is indeed the H.Q. where they pass each other in turn, according to their schedule and time of the day, before starting off on the right foot.

Friendly meeting point, it is the opportunity for a moment of sharing. We love keeping abreast of the latest news from the press, exchanging on the figures of the establishment finalised the day before, telling each other our personal little stories...

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