The Hôtel du Centre launches the "FOLLOWED REVIEW" service

The Hôtel du Centre launches the "FOLLOWED REVIEW" service

The blog of the Hôtel du Centre has just blown its first candle: last year, in fact, it was proudly launched to make you discover the backstage of an establishment unlike any others. It is now the turn of another innovation this year to make its entrance. This is our new "Followed Review" service, available now on our website. Get to your keyboards!

Followed Review: what is it?

Followed Review: what is it?

We announced it to you in January, along with our best wishes for happiness and prosperity, the Hôtel du Centre set itself a 20 / 20 rating as an ambitious aim for the year 2020...

At the heart of our concerns is the quality of service we strive to bring to you on a daily basis, as well as our determination to improve every day on each floor of the hotel. That is why we have wished to be even more attentive to your expectations and ever more conscientious to your satisfaction.

And who better positioned than our customers themselves to tell us about their experience and share it with others? Your input is important and helps us to get even better. Your criticism is essential to us, whether positive or negative. We are happy to let you speak without hesitation, feel free to do so without faltering!

Many of you are already taking the time to send us your valuable testimonials on our Facebook page and we sincerely thank you for this. From now on, it is a dedicated space that we put at your service on the website of the Hôtel du Centre.

Out of a yearning for impartiality, our institution has chosen a fully outsourced management of the "Followed Review" service by entrusting the processing and moderation of the reviews received to an independent service provider. Special attention will be paid to each comment duly processed, without exception, before being fully posted within the reviews section of our website.

Followed Review

Followed Review: how to use it?

Followed Review: how to use it?

Have you ever been a guest at the Hôtel du Centre? Through the "Followed Review" service, you can visit our website or the hotel front desk to submit your review, by completing our online form made up for this purpose.

Tell us about your experience in our establishment and, depending on the service(s) you have consumed, tell us about all your impressions regarding our accommodation or catering services, such as boardroom leasing in our Business Center.

For more details on the terms and conditions of use of our advisory service, please click here (French version).

Take part in the game "Review of the Month"

If you are a resident of New Caledonia, filing your first review using the "Followed Review" service also allows you to register automatically your participation in the "Review of the Month" contest.

Until 28 February, 2021, try to win a voucher worth XPF 5,000 at the Hôtel du Centre, this amount being rolled over every month on one of the range of services offered by the establishment.

Each month, after a selection from all the testimonies received, the review that has been judged the most useful, the most complete, and the most original will be elected as the winner. As the year progresses, each of the best monthly reviews will then be published in a special section on the blog of the Hôtel du Centre.

To discover the rules of our contest in its entirety, we invite you to click here (French version).

Take part in the game

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