The Hôtel du Centre has officially reopened its doors

Réouverture Hôtel du Centre covid

The Hôtel du Centre has officially reopened its doors

It is official! The Hôtel du Centre, which has reopened its doors to the public, is eager to welcome back its faithful clientele. After being requisitioned for the accommodation of dozens of repatriated New Caledonian residents, as part of the quarantine sanitary measure imposed upon their arrival in the Territory, the establishment is now ready for a return to normal.

Post-quarantine retrospective

Rétrospective post-quatorzaine

The event is exceptional enough to deserve to be highlighted! Never in its history since 2012, had the Hôtel du Centre experienced such a situation of full closure: a nervously exhausting and particular period to live...

No more usual guests, but only a perceptible inactivity since the hotel’s backstage did not rest, with a staff taking turns day and night to hold the hotline, from the accountant to the maids and even the cooks!

In a friendly and extremely supportive atmosphere, everyone showed extreme patience and remarkably paid attention. The sole objective was to make the stay of the confined guests’ arrivals more bearable and pleasant.

And it is certain that everyone will long remember such an event, as much as an opportunity for the Hôtel du Centre to have been able to shine by its sense of service, as an experience that will have further strengthened the ties and family spirit within the teams.

Rétrospective post-quatorzaine ambiance conviviale

Let’s get back to business!

Que les affaires reprennent

A core business of the establishment, the business hotel industry has now resumed service with the Business Center and all its meeting rooms once again 100% operational, as well as an equally attractive accommodation offer.

So join the many professional customers that the business hotel of Noumea has already seen coming back immediately after reopening. As its Manager points out, the hotel is ready and is delighted to be able to welcome businesses again: we are happy to accompany them in their business resurgence, despite the difficult times we are currently experiencing.

A renovated kitchen in La Pergola

The Hôtel du Centre has not been idle as far as its rooftop restaurant is concerned since the temporary closure of La Pergola has allowed undertaking some renovation and redevelopment in the kitchen.

Since 25 May, your restaurant will welcome you again from Monday to Sunday in a cosy lounge setting. Choose your table for a business lunch or a business dinner during the week. Or go on the weekend for a change of scenery.

Une cuisine rénovée à La Pergola

And always as comfortable upstairse

Et toujours autant de confort en étage

The enthusiasm for the resumption of business is also shared on each floor of the Hôtel du Centre, where everyone worked tirelessly to reorganise the rooms for the first time – for the reception of the quarantines – and then to put everything back in place, point by point, before reopening.

But beyond the real team cohesion and the constant solidarity that rule there, the strength of the establishment today also lies in the undisputed comfort of its apartments. In a studio or loft, you are at home as if you really were there, and this is the hotel’s great asset!

Vous êtes bien plus qu'un simple client

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