Push your limits with the Hôtel du Centre

Jérémie coach sportif Hôtel du Centre

Push your limits with the Hôtel du Centre

Dynamism and determination, inner wisdom and conquering mind: this is how we could describe Jérémie Gloanec, a native of Brittany and a state-certified sports Coach. If he counts a few other islands on his travels, he chooses New Caledonia for the second time in 2018, after having already lived there in the past. Meet him at the Hôtel du Centre!

Meet Jérémie

Beyond a simple art of living, sport appeared to him very early on as a passion, with fighting as his favourite sports. He is also an adventurous soul who, from the age of 21, pushed him to fly to Cameroon, Jérémie telling us that this three-year experience will definitively mark his life.

As a dog-handler, he will have held several training positions in the private security work, before the taste of discovery invited him to new horizons... Now a sports Coach, he attends people wishing to improve their well-being, regardless of their starting physical condition.

I adjust the training according to the level of sport and the progression objectives of each one. In any case, it’s a job where I constantly adapt, with a timetable that varies a lot.


Last minute cancellations are not uncommon and that is the major drawback! But I remain flexible in my schedules; my clients are often active people with professional constraints and I have to be adaptable... It’s "made to measure" from A to Z!

À la rencontre de Jérémie à l'hôtel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Punctuating his daily life with a necessarily sustained physical activity, Jérémie will not turn down to be on the floor from 6.30 am if you are as an early bird as he is!

Without getting away from his own sports session in the middle of the morning – for an hour, he says, at a minimum – he will then be sufficiently invigorated enough to meet you throughout the day... usually until 8.00 pm.

As a ”fitness tip” of the week, your personal trainer recommends his competition menu for breakfast: eggs, whole bread, organic peanut butter, spirulina, all topped up with 2 espressos!

A healthy mind in a healthy body

As involved and assiduous as his ”pupils”, if not more, Jérémie is fond of his work for the values and performances it provides: surpassing oneself, achieving results and serving others.

It’s a real partnership that is quickly forged between the client and me. Trust and complicity are naturally established. Whatever the goal, my motto in any sport is the same: set goals and be persistent in reaching them.

And because "staying pro" does not prevent working in a relaxed atmosphere, it is not surprising that he feels at home at the Hôtel du Centre: a very pleasant state of mind that suits him perfectly, alongside a staff that is always friendly and kindly.

Un esprit sain dans un corps sain a l hotel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Chinese portrait

  • If you were a sport? Boxing!
  • If you were a sport item? A pair of sneakers.
  • If you were a fitness equipment? A battle rope.
  • 3 things you still have in your gym bag? A towel, a bottle of water and my diary.
  • The person, famous or not, who inspires you? Pierre Celestin Yana, a renowned professional boxer who participated in the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. He’s a very good friend and he inspires me with his great inner strength.
  • If you were not a sports Coach? I would have joined the French Navy special forces.
  • Your best quality and your main imperfection? I’m very patient... except sometimes, when I’m impulsive!

Private coaching at the Hôtel du Centre

En coaching privé à l’Hôtel du Centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

In turn, discover Jérémie at the Hôtel du Centre and offer yourself your tailor-made program to benefit from a personalised professional advice.

Contact your sports Coach at +(687) 793 888, explain your expectations and agree to a first appointment to allow him to establish your health assessment according to your age, your morphology, your history, your goals, etc. All you have to do is set a training schedule together and here we go!

Motivate yourself in small groups up to 5 participants, at a rate per person of XPF 2,000 per hour. Or choose your tempo with a preference for individual sessions: choose the hourly rate of XPF 4,500 or book directly your pack of 10 sessions with the fixed price of XPF 40,000.

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