New Caledonia vacation: what to see, what to do?

Séjour Nouvelle-Calédonie Hôtel du Centre

New Caledonia vacation: what to see, what to do?

Are you visiting New Caledonia? Whether alone or accompanied, on a business trip or on a vacation, discover here all the tourist recommendations of the Hôtel du Centre to be sure not to miss anything of the essential activities to plan during your stay.

Welcome home!

Bienvenue à la maison !

Accommodation is usually one of our first concerns in organising a trip. How to find a central location in relation to the planned moves, together with the comfort and the quiet at an affordable price?

If you want to meet all these requirements, the Hôtel du Centre will be your ideal home away from home in Noumea. Its location in Ducos is perfectly positioned, both by arriving directly from the international airport of La Tontouta and for a domestic flight from the aerodrome of Magenta.

For a short time or a long stay booking, each of our rooms unveils real fully equipped apartments, as if you were at home!

And if your arrival in New Caledonia is mainly planned for work reasons, this is the strategic place you need to select in order to enjoy all the advantages of a business district in the close vicinity.

A short break before leaving

You will go to Noumea for a short professional stay, but you will still have two days available before you have to take the plane again?

  • Discover the Moselle Market and its local flavours, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre dedicated to Kanak heritage and culture, the Aquarium of the Lagoons and its magnificent marine diversity.
  • Allow yourself a snorkelling & diving getaway at sea or a taxi ride to Canard Island or Amédée Lighthouse.
  • Climb high and fly over stunning scenery by booking your seat in a private helicopter.
Une courte pause avant de repartir

Free time on a business trip

Du temps libre en voyage d’affaires

On a business trip, are you planning to give yourself one week to take a break and discover the wealth of New Caledonia?

The Hôtel du Centre recommends the timeless tour of the "Grande Terre", a six- to seven-day tour outside Noumea, where you can explore the main island in search of the most emblematic places:

  • on the West Coast: the county of Bourail and its surroundings, with the black sand beach of La Roche Percée adjoining the bay of the Turtles and the bay of the Lovers, the protected reserve of Deva open to hiking tours, by bike or horse and the protected lagoon of Poé beach
  • going North: the mangrove sheltering the famous Heart of Voh, not far from the Koné-Tiwaka, one of the crossroads leading to the other side of the Territory
  • on the East Coast: the region of Hienghène and its neighbourhood, with the ferry of the Ouaïème crossing the river, the observatory of the Poule, an emerged rock whose tour can also be done by sea by kayak, the islet Tibarama off Poindimié, the metallic Eiffel bridge of Ponérihouen and the beautiful Tchamba valley
  • descending to the extreme South known for its red soil: the provincial park of La Rivière Bleue, lake and dam of Yaté, Cap N’Dua and falls of La Madeleine nature reserves, and the village of Prony

Meeting the 4 corners of "the Caillou"

Is it because of your family or friends living here that you have chosen to be seduced by "the Caillou" (the Rock) for your next vacation of two weeks or more?

The Hôtel du Centre advises you to organise the various phases of your tourist journey around all the activities mentioned above, while taking some additional stops on your logbook:

  • numerous hiking tours in the heart of nature await you through the mainland, including the GR trails to the North and South, the known climbs of Mont Dore, Mont Mou and Mont Koghi, or the two-day ascent of the Humboldt Peak, the highest New Caledonian summit open to the public
  • the most experienced will appreciate the unusual discovery of the Forgotten Coast, a pristine area inaccessible by land, to be carried out during a guided excursion of several days by kayak
  • take off for a few days to one or more of the four Islands of the Territory: Isle of Pines, Ouvéa, Lifou or Maré, they each have their very different authenticity and their breathtaking panoramas... guaranteed escape!
À la rencontre des 4 coins du Caillou

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