Honouring the women of the Hôtel du Centre

Hommage aux femmes de l'Hôtel du Centre

Honouring the women of the Hôtel du Centre

On 8 March, the International Women’s Rights Day was celebrated worldwide, sometimes through photographic exhibitions or dedicated interviews. At the Hôtel du Centre, it is where we give our ladies’ team members our praises after following them in a work situation. Portrait of 4 active women sharing strength and modesty.

Marie-Louise, your welcoming smile

Are you arriving to our hotel? It is through our entrance hall and this warm visage that will unavoidably begin your visit! Marie-Louise is a young, jovial and sociable bilingual receptionist. Contact with customers is what predominantly drives her. Welcoming, informing, orienting, and listening: a second nature for her.

Stress in this profession is, for example, when there are three simultaneous phone calls at the same time as people at the front desk. But it is also what stimulates me: to be efficient in managing everything. "

Her other vocation would have been, without a doubt, to work with children. The Woman who inspires her most is her grandmother, a force of nature despite her 80th birthday that she assists daily by living with her.

Honouring the women of the Hôtel du Centre

Tina is pampering you

Her office, she does not have one... or at least, on several floors! Kind and meticulous, Tina is a chambermaid at the Hôtel du Centre since its opening in 2012. Thus, her perfect knowledge of the establishment as well as the habits of our most regular guests is a real asset. Motivated by the satisfaction of the finished work and the comfort of the customer, she ensures that nothing will be missed.

Yes, it is indeed a physical work, but I do not see that as a real challenge, because a client who is delighted about its stay is what really matters to me. "

Originally from the island of Maré (Loyalty Islands), she would also have seen herself in the scuba diving activities, out of passion for the sea. Her mother is the Woman to whom she is most grateful, for the many values that she has been able to pass onto her.

Maria, entirely at your service

Do you fancy a break in the heart of nature? Perhaps even feeling a bit peckish? Follow Maria, head waitress at the Les Jardins restaurant! Originally from the island of Ouvéa (Loyalty Islands), she has always worked in catering for the feeling of service and the pleasure to make acquaintance with people. An advantage of the Hôtel du Centre is to have to maintain the garden every morning: nothing more resourcing before starting the day.

The real challenge is to keep on smiling every day because customers are my priority. It is not easy when getting a criticism, but it is part of the job and it is inspiring. "

Generous and positive, she would also have liked to take care of elderly people. A Woman she salutes is Déwé Gorodey, for her political commitment to the rights of women in New Caledonia.

Nedjma, our eagle eye

Do not look for her around a corridor… She remains an investigative woman! After arriving in New Caledonia about ten years ago, Nedjma is now head accountant of our hotel. In charge of all the accounting and human resources of the establishment, she appreciates the versatility and perfectionism involved in such positions.

It is a challenging profession, one that requires constant thoroughness and attention, because one mistake can quickly have a big impact. "

Sportive and determined, she would have joined the Paris Crime Squad if she had not left France. Simone Veil is a Woman she admires for her courage and perseverance in defending women’s rights.

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