Enhance your holiday table with the Hôtel du Centre

Enhance your holiday table with the Hôtel du Centre

In the Northern Hemisphere, we can easily imagine the New Year’s Eve at the corner of a fire, even as the snow falls out with big flakes and tasty biscuits wait to come out of the oven... Under the sunshine of the tropics, it is a very different ambience that comes to mind, but just as warm.

Here are some tips to customise your greetings season table and create an even friendlier atmosphere. Amaze your guests with surprising "fresh ideas" to produce yourself, based on what you already have at home!

Harmony of colours and materials

Harmonie de couleurs et de matières

Whatever theme you choose this year to make your table sparkle, be sure to harmonise the shades with taste by opting for a two to three colours palette. As a source of inspiration, the decoration at the La Pergola restaurant of the Hôtel du Centre, for the exceptional dinner of New Year’s Eve this 31st December, will be none other than: nature, gold and... you of course!

If you also enjoy the vegetal nuances, go for a sophisticated atmosphere with:

  • stemmed glasses to place upside down and slide wood chips and fresh leaves underneath, plus a flat-burning candle on top
  • glass jars surrounded by a wide ribbon, in which to lay sand, sequins, colourful flowers and citrus zest

Details to customise

To smarten your ornaments with care and elegance, think about the details that will make all the difference:

  • dare the modernised table seating plan by identifying each guest’s sitting place, not by a simple first name, but by a humorous note such as a photo or nickname
  • revisit napkin folding with the simplest and quickest technique of a pretty sober knot
  • bring to mind the plant ambience by wrapping raffia twine with thin wood twigs around water jugs or large candles
Des détails à personnaliser

A surprise at the plate

Une surprise dans l’assiette

Make unanimity among your guests by adopting the original idea of the individual mini-gift on the plate. If you prefer identical gifts, arrange them as a centre of the table in the spirit of a common basket, where everyone can freely draw its mystery bag or its little malice box...

Get the kids involved

They love to participate, are creative and will certainly be proud to be able to demonstrate their talent as an artist. So many good reasons to be supported by your children during your manual work!

Give them fun jobs like manufacturing:

  • aperitif picks, cutting small patterns into coloured cardboard paper, then gluing them two by two against each other, on each side of one of the two ends of a cocktail stick
  • knife holders, collecting cork plugs that can then be fully painted in different shades or covered with aluminium foil for a shiny effect
  • fancy garlands to be made from a small cord on which a multitude of decorative lucky charms can be hung with, for example, painted clothespins or fabric ribbons
Faites participer les enfants

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