Custom-made rates with the Hôtel du Centre’s Corporate Contract

Custom-made rates with the Hôtel du Centre’s Corporate Contract

Pros at the service of pros: this is the pathway followed by the Hôtel du Centre through a message that it states and restates. A promise kept for several years by the Ducos’ establishment, leader of the business hotel industry in New Caledonia, particularly through its "Corporate Contract".

The advantages

Les avantages hotel nouméa

Because it was in a position to demonstrate its ability to react and anticipate, the Hôtel du Centre quickly established itself in the Caledonian landscape of business hotels. More than just a hotel, it is fully aware of its business customers’ expectations and how to satisfy them: listening, comfort and quality of service have always been and will remain the keywords.

With a Business Center adequate to perform under optimal conditions, high-tech equipments and a very high-speed internet connection, the establishment also enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the complex "Le Centre", in Ducos’ business district.

As for the other poles of activity of the hotel, they offer to combine in one place all the essential services: an offer of accommodation in apartment with fully equipped kitchen, two restaurants with different atmospheres with the option to organise your private receptions, as well as a fitness centre available from 5.30 am till 10.00 pm.

Les avantages Hôtel du Centre nouméa
Les avantages hotel nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

These numerous advantages allow you to have an ideal working setting and to access the synergy of an environment reserved to the requirements of the most demanding professionals, in addition to being recognised as a keen customer every time you visit us.

Are you hearing of the Hôtel du Centre’s Corporate Contract and would like to know more about it? You already know the formula and are considering renewing it for your company? Contact Ben, our Accommodation Manager by calling (+687) 754 140.

For whom? For what?

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

The Corporate Contract of the Hôtel du Centre is adapted to any professional customer of the establishment, without any prerequisites relating to your working environment, whatever its shape and organisation.

You have the leeway to benefit from this dedicated contract whether you are a company, an association or a public body, whether or not you have a works council, and regardless of the size of your business structure or your staff.

Without any binding commitment

The Hôtel du Centre is first and foremost specialist in welcoming and supporting a business clientele of industries’ travellers and corporate clients, as close as possible to their needs and requirements.

The formula of the Corporate Contract is explicitly aimed at professional actors was thus implemented in response to mutual imperatives of saving time and simplifying administrative tasks, while pursuing the objective of a privileged partnership and win-win solution.

As such, your contract is concluded by the end of the current calendar year, regardless of the date on which you choose to be subject to it and without further commitment of duration. You are then free to apply for renewal the following year or not.

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

Guaranteed preferential rates

Des tarifs préférentiels garantis dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

As a professional customer, the main interest of the Corporate Contract of the Hôtel du Centre is to guarantee you a set of attractive rates, preferably fixed in advance and valid throughout the year, on all the accommodation services of the establishment. You are therefore assured that no price changes can occur during the extent of the contract and are then able to refine your forecast budgets in advance.

Finally, the signing of your annual contract does not entail any fees and is totally free. This way, you maintain complete freedom regarding your volume of consumption, without any minimum threshold of purchase required.

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