Child’s words for mother’s Day

Child’s words for mother’s Day

If it is a French tradition to welcome the month of May with a sprig of lily of the valley, it is also at this time of the year that mother’s Day is celebrated. Meet 3 moms of the Hôtel du Centre, through the eyes of their young children. They are described in the section questions / answers portraits… or more precisely, in spontaneous answers without any filter!

Lucienne, butler and super-mom

Lucienne, maître d’hôtel et super-maman

Adele and Romarick, from the top of their 5 and 8 years of age, answered:

What is Mom’s job?
She goes to a hotel, there’s a restaurant and she sells some stuff…

What it is that Mom like?
The garden, us, to work, Uncle Martial and Uncle Roro!

Something Mom does not like?
She no loves nothing. She loves us all!

What do you do with Mom?
We’re making a video with questions about her work…

What is it that Mom cannot do?
She can’t do anything but she can do everything!

How do you know that Mom loves you?
Because it’s our “Momma” to all of us!

Milène, housekeeper and mom with 4 arms

Bibiane, Ryhanna and Tyrrone, respectively 13, 9 and 6 years old, were in turn interviewed:

How old is Mom?
Tyrrone: 9. Ryhanna: 48. Bibiane: 32…

What it is that you do together with Mom?
We have fun and we laugh.

What does Mom really know how to do best?
The cooking and the cakes.

Mom’s favourite activities?
Working and maths!

Something Mom does not know how to do?
Cut down trees and build houses!

How do you know that Mom loves you?
Because we know it!

Milène, gouvernante et maman à bras

Helen, director and super-active mom

Helen, directrice et maman super-active

Dino, 7, and Gaspard, 13, also played the game of questions:

What is Mom’s job?
She says orders at the Hôtel du Centre.

What do you do most often with Mom?
We bake cakes or go to restaurant.

What it is that Mom does best?
Pancakes and cakes.

Something Mom likes?
Bunches of flowers, sports, go shopping.

What is it that Mom cannot do?
To fix her car and the fridges!

How do you know that Mom loves you?
Because she gives us hugs and kissses!

If you too also want to share a special moment with your children, download our questionnaire and have fun interviewing them. You can even decide to renew the experience every year… Laughter and memories guaranteed!

Book your table!

To delight Mom by offering her a pleasant surprise, book now at + (687) 230 707 and escort her to lunch at the La Pergola restaurant this Sunday, 26 May.

In a soft and cosy atmosphere, to her image, she will enjoy a real festive meal that we have especially created for her. On the menu, we will propose you a fresh goat’s cheese hors-d’oeuvre, followed by a filet of beef or a salmon steak, before letting the chocolate or the apple come in for dessert.

Helen, directrice et maman super-active

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