Balance sheet, Management, Out-turn: the account is in good standing!

Lizé Aurélie Hôtel du Centre

Balance sheet, Management, Out-turn: the account is in good standing!

While both of them have two very different career paths, Lizé and Aurélie are nonetheless unanimous about one belief: on a daily basis, it never stops, never, never… And that is what they like most! Welcome to the Accounting - Human Resources department of the Hôtel du Centre.

Meet Aurélie

Initially a commercial and then in charge of a telemarketing hub, Aurélie Berteau, originally from the city of Bordeaux (France), was always able to rely on her courage and determination. A personality trait that will lead her to take up again her studies at the age of 28, in the field of commercial dealings and business management.

But it is after having celebrated her wedding with the unexpected theme of New Caledonia that Aurélie decides to come over and discover the island a little closer. She will fly to "the Caillou" (the Rock) in 2018, driven by a desire for replenishment and new challenges in her personal life.

And while she was an accountant in a radiology practice, yet, she wanted to move towards a new field of activity and more versatility; she did not hesitate when the opportunity arose from the Hôtel du Centre for a position of Accounting Manager.

Aurélie Hôtel du Centre

Meet again Lizé

Lizé Hôtel du Centre

Lizé Baebae is a young thirty-year old woman who already has several professional lives to her credit; she is the Accounting Assistant at the Hôtel du Centre.

Like a chameleon, her ability to adapt is no longer to be proven. Having, in fact, evolved within the hotel establishment as she would not have imagined it at the beginning, this New-Caledonian woman confided recently to be delighted to be part of this family that makes its employees go up the ladder.

The position she currently holds, which was an in-house position, will necessarily have required her to have further technical training. But thirst for learning, assiduity and responsiveness… no challenge seems too impressive for Lizé!

A department where sheep are not counted

If both of them have two very different career paths, Lizé and Aurélie are nevertheless unanimous on a certainty: in their department, it never stops, never, never… And this is precisely what they like above all!

Working closely with the management of the Hôtel du Centre and all its departments, their back-office missions, very specific and rather unheard of, are nonetheless essential. In addition to the day-to-day management of flow, forecasts, invoices, payments and wages for all three divisions of the establishment (accommodation, catering, Business Center), unforeseen events and emergencies are obviously legion from all sides (customers, suppliers, employees).

It is therefore not optional from the two women point of view to be able to organise and defy stress as much as to fit in every respect with each other. If they were to mention an intricacy, it would be the feeling that their workmates do not always realise the extent of the scope of action of their department and the resulting workload.

Lizé Aurélie service comptable Hôtel du Centre

Chinese portrait

In the game of the Chinese portrait, Aurélie and Lizé unveiled each other with facetiousness:

  • If Aurélie was not an Accounting Manager? Lizé would easily imagine her as a trainer.
  • If Lizé was not an Accounting Assistant? What does it matter, according to Aurélie. She knows how to do everything, she’s a war machine!
  • Something either one still has in her office? For Aurélie, it’s a big keychain in the shape of a unicorn because, as she likes to say, she can turn into a "unibitch"! For Lizé, it’s a small wool or a Pareo because she’s very chilly…
  • If you were one day of the week? For sure, the two women would be geared for Friday. Since it is usually the day when they are more overworked, but also, consequently, the day when they often end up gathering around a drink at the end of the day. And a Sex on the beach for Lizé, followed by a Piña Colada for Aurélie!
  • Her best quality and her main imperfection? Aurélie – Aries being her astrological sign – she’s sometimes too impulsive and at times it starts very quickly, but, as she doesn’t beat about the bush, we know then what to expect! She’s also very jovial, funny, organised and demanding, both towards her and others. As for Lizé, altruism and modesty are her strengths. She sometimes lacks self-confidence, although she has great abilities.

Between seriousness and relaxation, in connivance

The first one has been practising accounting jobs for a long time; the second one has known the Hôtel du Centre for a long time: an ideal pattern in addition to the unparalleled female complicity that prevails in the Accounting department.

"Lizé and I have been working together since June 2020. A studious and functional atmosphere, which doesn’t prevent us from having a humorous yarn from time to time… We’re really complementary, both very rigorous, a dynamic duo!"

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