An establishment that makes its employees raise up

An establishment that makes its employees raise up

Known for his extraordinary journeys, especially in hot air balloons, the British Richard Branson is also the founder of the famous Virgin Group and all the brands that are derived from it. One of the tips of this atypical businessman to succeed in the art of business and management is the following: "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of the employees, they will take care of the clients."

A principle that we do not fail to attach importance at the Hôtel du Centre... Focus on some in-house vocational training and career development paths.

Lizé – Actress of a successful reconversion

The story is not getting any younger between the Hôtel du Centre and Lizé Baebae. Initially employed as a bilingual front desk Clerk before being promoted to Head of the front desk, she had to move to the North of New Caledonia, leaving the hotel for a while.

As the saying goes, "you do not change a winning team". Upon her return to Noumea, Lizé will naturally renew ties with her former teams, been offered a sales Assistant position. But, through reorganization, in the context of the recent health crisis, it is now as accounting Assistant that Lizé adds new strings to her bow.

"I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by my management’s proposals. I would never have thought of it. It can be scary at first. Then finally, I like it every time… To discover something else, to learn professionally and personally, to gain self-confidence, it’s sparkling!"

Ben – Accommodation department and vertical ascent

It is back on the "Caillou", after several months of travel in Asia that Benjamin Lolivier – A.K.A Ben for his work mates – will knock on the door of the Hôtel du Centre. Initially recruited as a technical sales Representative, he will be promoted to the rank of accommodation Manager as part of a job creation after internal reorganisation.

A position that consists of marketing the different services of the hotel, mainly to a professional clientele, but not only. Ben must also manage the commercial relationship with the travel service providers, develop the good name of the establishment with the tourism service providers, control the financial and budgetary data of the Accommodation department, supervise numerous teams (housekeeping, front desk, commercial service, night security)...

"Having always evolved in the restaurant industry before, I’m delighted to have discovered the world of hotel industry in parallel. It gave me a lot of versatility and it allowed me to experiment with the B to B: the expectations aren’t the same for a company, compared to a private consumer. With the Hôtel du Centre, I was also able to take a training course in sales strategy and management, given by OBA High Schools organization, in partnership with HEC Paris."

William – A great adaptability as a secret

At the head of the Business Center, we already met William Masei on this blog last year. Still working today as a Supervisor, it is as much on the professional level as on the personal development, that he is proud to outline his achievements.

An OSH training (occupational safety and health) followed by a POR training (prevention of occupational risks) will have led him to become more attentive on a daily basis, to approach his missions safely and therefore essential to be more efficient. But William is especially grateful to the Hôtel du Centre for the personalised coaching he had in stress management and conflict management.

"Since my arrival at the hotel, I’ve constantly evolved professionally through the many training courses offered. But coaching brought me a lot of positive aspects. It especially helped me to take a step back and be more confident. Even my work mates have seen this, and it’s also obvious in my personal life. And I’m so delighted!"

Developing as a team

The career paths of the teams are also in progress on the different floors of the Hôtel du Centre.

As for the the HK team, the atmosphere is studious and assiduous: accompanied by their Head housekeeper Milène, the Maids alternate between specific English courses and gestures & postures training.

English classes, this time adapted to catering, are also part of the new schedule of the Pergroupies team. Between total discovery and complications for some, or frowns and giggles for others, it remains, nevertheless, that everyone, unanimously, is happy and relieved to know from now on to express themselves with more ease.

Meanwhile, on the stove side, Laurence and Greg – the dynamic duo of the Second Chefs – will soon be followed closely for management training.

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