A "top-class" cohesion evening

Soirée cohésion Hôtel du Centre

A "top-class" cohesion evening

"Top-class!" It was the theme of the evening dedicated to the staff of the Hôtel du Centre, as well as the dress code absolutely recommended to be able to show their credentials. It was then that all, very fine-looking once dressed sharp, joined the contemporary atmosphere of the brand new Le Tan. Throw back into an amazing convivial moment of unity

Le Tan restaurant, naturally chosen for the occasion

Booked long ago, the hotel’s agenda was logged on 18 October in the evening, on a Sunday. Because it is more original than usual! But also and especially so that everyone can be invited…

We are of course thinking of the teams of the La Pergola restaurant, who were going to have the pleasure, for an evening, of being able to take out their apron and their uniform to be served and pampered in their turn.

On to the Port Plaisance arcade in the Southern suburb of Noumea, for an appointment at the Le Tan restaurant: exclusive use of the premises, elegant and modern setting, welcome and VIP service, availability of a shuttle service from the Hôtel du Centre then on the way back, to the front door of the respective residence of each person…

The small dishes were put in the large ones! So much so that the waitresses of Le Tan themselves did not hesitate to honour the dress code by wearing their most beautiful evening outfit.

Perfect casino atmosphere

At specially organised cohesion event, no entertainment is too exceptional. The start of the festivities, from 6.00 pm, with an aperitif in an ephemeral casino atmosphere, around real roulettes and blackjack tables. "Place your bets… No more bets!"

While some had the happy hand, others were less fortunate, but all unanimously played the game with enthusiasm and euphoria.

As proof, Cécile – A.K.A Granny – had only a few scruples to win a good part of the roulette bet. As for Ben, accommodation Manager, it is the blackjack bank that he just literally robbed!

Get-together, joy and good mood

Soirée cohésion Hôtel du Centre 02

8.00 pm already, time has opened the appetites. It is time to get down to business and sit down at the table… A big thank you to the whole team of Le Tan, very caring to treat guests like no others.

Between laughter and hilarities, joy and good mood will punctuate the meal and the rest of the evening, in a relaxed atmosphere that everyone will keep a warm memory of, away from the professional concerns and responsibilities of everyday life.

Let us keep in mind that the first half of 2020 brought to the Hôtel du Centre a sudden period of upheaval in the Covid-19 health context. While everyone has been able to face this difficult situation with team spirit and determination, the fact remains that uncertainty about the future often remains a source of worry and stress.

This is why the hotel naturally wished to offer an evening of rejoicing to its entire staff. First of all, in thanks for the tremendous work done in 2019, but also as a message of appreciation for the mobilisation that everyone knows how to show and for the personal investment that everyone makes every day…

Soirée cohésion Hôtel du Centre 01

An anecdote for dessert

All good things come to an end and the evening promises to end shortly. But before we leave the table, will everyone have dessert?

That was counting without the fact that one of the guests was missing. However, in the interests of confidentiality, we will not quote the unfortunate elected official who, having chosen to go quietly to the toilet, was finally stuck there for 20 minutes. A technical problem with the door lock occurred at the wrong moment, it seems!

Fortunately, everything ended well: back home without incident and no absence to report the next day, Monday morning. Let us not forget that some people still took their shifts at 5.30 am… We think of the housekeeping team and the breakfast team at La Pergola.

Retrospective in pictures.

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