A delicious Valentine’s Day at the Hôtel du Centre

Saint-Valentin Hôtel du Centre

A delicious Valentine’s Day at the Hôtel du Centre

If it is never necessary to wait for a special occasion to remind your beloved one of his, or her, importance to you, Valentine’s Day is unquestionably the ideal date to declare your flame to your darling? Discover the surprises that Hôtel du Centre has prepared for you on this special day to amaze, in turn, the one your heart has chosen...

Valentine’s Day and its mysteries

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères hotel nouméa

Although the tradition of Valentine’s Day, associated with the sign of love, officially goes back to the end of the middle age, its specific meaning is still unknown. At that time, February 14 would be considered a significant date related to the belief that it is the day of pairing of the birds, that is, their union as a couple. Let us point out, in fact, that of the whole animal kingdom, the birds are a perfect example, because of the unfailing faithfulness they choose to dedicate themselves to each other for life.

Another more ancient legend would rather bring to mind a pagan custom already dating from ancient Rome, where the Lupercalia (feasts of fertility) corresponded to a ceremony of cleansing taking place from February 13 to 15 of the Roman year. Before this practice was later forbidden by a pope of the Catholic Church, Valentine would then have been chosen as Saint, patron of lovers and engaged couples.

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères à l'hôtel du centre
La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

It would then be in the 19th century and especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, that Valentine’s Day would have become popular through small bills bearing words of love, that it was customary to offer to anyone love or friendship.

Even more recently, these short missives seem to have given way to greeting cards illustrated with hearts or a Cherub, which would then be reserved only for lovers.

No uncertainties though if you are not fond of romantic displays or passionate statements to show your love to the one you cherish. More than the gesture itself, it is your meaning that makes it all beautiful.

Let those lacking ideas be reassured, since the Hôtel du Centre has everything planned! All you have to do is plan your evening on February 14...

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Invite your Valentine to dinner

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

Between professional commitments, family life, outdoor activities and various solicitations, it is not always easy for you to get together to enjoy a precious moment just for you, without any concern other than to exchange tender looks?

Set aside a while of serenity during a one-on-one dinner. The La Pergola restaurant welcomes lovers on Friday, February 14, with a specially prepared gourmet menu. You will be proposed the Chef’s Foie Gras with cognac, accompanied by a duck breast or a candied salmon, followed by flavoursome exotic notes for dessert.

Fall for the soft Deluxe Pack

Do you sometimes recall the time of your meeting with a hint of nostalgia? Would you like to be able to give yourselves more time to be together, in your bubble, like on the first day?

Let yourselves be carried away by the magic of Valentine’s Day and choose to spend the night at the hotel by asking for your Deluxe Pack for two people, valid all weekend, from Friday 14th February to Sunday 16th inclusive.

In peace and quiet, wake up quietly the next day and hang out a little before joining La Pergola in the dawn's early light where your hearty brunch will be waiting for you on the roof terrace.

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

Dare the flamboyance of the Love Pack

La Saint-Valentin et ses mystères dans un hotel restaurant à Nouméa

Perhaps you already know it and have an extreme remembrance of it? Perhaps you do not know it yet, and are you even more intrigued by it? Let yourself be tempted by his universe as bewitching as enigmatic... Of course, it is about the mysterious Red Room that we are thinking about!

It is also said that, out of love, no madness is ever too bold or insane. And what is a more representative event than Valentine’s Day to offer you an unforgettable moment?

So dare to realise your most unreasonable dreams and give in to the Love Pack of the Hôtel du Centre, offering you, for two people, an overnight stay in the Red Room with champagne included, accompanied by dinner and continental breakfast in La Pergola.

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